Whitney Ayers

Hi, I’m Whitney Ayers, Press Brothers on-staff nutritionist and the creator of the
5-Day Organic Cleansing Meal Plan

I’m a board certified health coach and celebrity nutritionist. I have been creating customized cleanses throughout LA for the past 7 years. I specialize in optimizing energy and performance on a daily basis. Working on the sets of popular TV shows such as Scandal, True Detective and Dexter. Always helping my clients to perform and look their best every single day.

I’m also an avid traveler, writer and superfood enthusiast.

My passion for wellness is also extremely personal. I spent years of my life recovering from a severe accident where I was run over as a pedestrian. This was a whirlwind of a time for me, I was even bed-ridden for awhile. Once I was finally walking, I was left dealing with chronic pain and extremely low energy.

This in turn led to bouts of depression, improper eating and then just feeling lost…

My goal was to heal my body, but not so I could just finally feel ‘Okay”. My goal was to finally feel and have; High Vibe Wellness!

To me, having High Vibe Wellness means you are energized, happy and performing at your very best . It’s about feeling good in your body every single day. Radiating light wherever you go and simply being high vibe! I know from my own personal experience and working with hundreds of clients over the years, that this is completely possible. No matter where you’re at now.

By incorporating healing foods, movement and daily self-care practices, I was finally able to accomplish this for myself. Now I spend my time helping others to do the same.

My intentions here on this blog is to have High Vibe Wellness be a place where you can come to feel better; faster. Where you can learn new ways to optimize your health, energy and of course; happiness.

I spend every single day doing this for myself and my clients, so I feel it is my duty to do so for you too.

Everything that works for me I will share here. Everything that makes my clients perform better and feel great, I will share here as well. So please, join me on this journey to High Vibe Wellness. Because it is just that, a journey. A very exciting and unpredictable one. So let’s make it the best!

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Love & Light,