Jack Jones, Jack’s son Dalton, and brother David Jones

How a pair of Kansas farm boys turned their mother’s passion into a California dream.

Jack Jones and his brother David grew up on a small farm outside Abilene, Kansas where their mother Linda, an avid juice pioneer, instilled in them a deep respect for the labor it takes to cultivate and harvest organic fruits and vegetables by hand.

The Jones brothers’ sense of adventure ultimately led them to Southern California, where, staying true to their roots, they quickly sought out the best certified organic produce they could find at LA’s many local farmers markets and began experimenting with bold combinations of raw pressed fruits and vegetables (like the habanero pepper that gives Drop Acid its potent kick, and the sweet beet and pear fusion of Longevity). From there, the brothers began educating themselves on the different juicing disciplines, consulting a variety of health experts and nutritionists as they pressed batch after batch of unique organic juice blends for their friends and neighbors to a watershed of positive feedback.

Through word of mouth, Jack and David earned a reputation as one of LA’s preeminent local juice crafters, eventually catching the attention of the visionary restaurateurs behind LA’s historic Grand Central Market (One of Gourmet Magazine’s top 10 food destinations in the country). And in the fall of 2014, Jack and David proudly opened their first brick and mortar juice bar on the Broadway side of the bustling market.