Feeling sluggish or overly gluttonous? Balancing the body begins with the gut. To begin to naturally heal a congested digestive system, one must cleanse the body of its impurities. Cleansing with juice gives the digestive system a moment of rest from the overabundance of unhealthy habits we introduce to it on a daily basis. To properly benefit from this, one must consume the highest quality of produce possible so as to flush out lingering toxins whilst also simultaneously saturating the body with an immediate abundance of all natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. Our cleanse packages rely solely on the healing properties of pure, unadulterated cold-pressed organic produce to stimulate the metabolism, boost energy, and ultimately replenish our bodies.

Disclaimer: Always seek medical advice from a trained health care provider.

How Do I Prepare For My Juice Cleanse?

The night before you cleanse, it is best not to binge on high caloric, fatty foods. You will likely feel that much more hungry on the first day of your cleanse. On the day(s) prior, focus on eating fresh fruits, salads, nuts and seeds. Do your best to avoid all processed foods and stimulants (it is what you leave out of your diet that allows your body to heal).

Will I be low in energy on the cleanse?

Digestion is one of the most energy consuming functions of the body.  Because juicing actually alleviates digestion, cleansing should not interfere with your energy or daily activities.

Can I exercise on a juice cleanse?

Breaking a sweat is always a good idea, as it is the body’s way of releasing toxins. If you choose to maintain your workout regimen, we recommend you engage in low impact exercise while cleansing.

Does it matter the order you consume PBJ juices or how often?

Ultimately, it does not matter what order you drink your juices in.  However, we do recommend drinking our fruitier juices in the morning or afternoon, as it is best to consume natural sugars earlier in the day. In regards to how often you should drink your juices, we say drink what you like when you like on a cleanse. We do recommend having a juice at least every 2 to 3 hours. The point is to drink as much juice as you feel comfortable with on a cleanse.  Between each juice, we always recommend drinking 1 full glass of purified or alkalized water.

How do I breakout of a cleanse?

Ending a juice cleanse is a crucial aspect of the experience. Do your best to avoid processed foods, grains and sugars, along with processed meat and dairy products. Try not to overeat or eat too late into the evening.  Avoid coffee, sodas, alcohol and other stress inducing stimulants. Be sure to get an adequate amount of rest. Lastly, consume enough greens and drink your green juice daily.  Drink warm water with lemon or herbal tea in the morning. Continue drinking juice, add in smoothies, and eat small meals. Consider incorporating more raw food into your diet, as the body is more efficient in utilizing these calories.