Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do we juice?

Utilizing vegetables and fruits throughout your diet is vital to health and on average, most people don’t come close to getting their daily servings. We use juicing as a way to supplement an average diet and keep healthy in this fast paced world. Juicing is a way to instantly nourish our bodies with living enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Juice is a great meal replacement, breakfast or snack. It replenishes dead cells, fends off sickness and supplies energy. Check out our Juice Benefits page for specific information on each individual juice.

Health is wealth.


Why cleanse?

Cleansing with juice saturates our bodies with vitamins and nutrients while flushing toxins out. 


What is cold-pressed juice?

Pressing juice is the least invasive way to juice. Rather than grinding the juice at a high speed (causing oxidation and burning nutrients), our special juicer slowly shreds produce into a cloth bag. The produce bag is then pressed slowly from both sides extracting as much juice as possible. We then immediately bottle and refrigerate our juice. We do this every morning ensuring that we provide you the freshest juice possible.


Is our juice organic?

Yes. 100% USDA Certified. We never substitute non organic ingredients.


Is our juice pasteurized?

No. Pasteurization kills the enzymes, vitamins, minerals.....basically defeating the purpose of drinking your healthy juice. We stand behind our living product.


Why does our juice only have a 5-day shelf life?

Our juice is raw, so after 72 hours all of the living nutrients begin dying off. Envision our juice as a liquid salad. The fresher the better. If you buy a juice with a shelf life longer than 5 days, it has been pasteurized.


How many calories are in our juice?

Pressed juice in raw and natural. These are the calories that your body needs. Your body naturally knows how to burn these calories and does not store them as fat. See Our Nutritional Facts tables for specific caloric counts for most of our juices. 


Is anything added to your juice?

Nothing besides the ingredients listed on the front of the bottle. No added sugar or water. Press Brothers juices are all 100% unprocessed.


Why does the juice separate?

The pressing process loosens the molecules of the vegetables and fruits in each recipe.  Coupled with the lack of fiber yielded through cold-pressing and the fact that we do not filter or add preservatives, sometimes the juice separates and settled!  Just shake to reconstitute. 


There is white at the bottom of my bottle?

No need for concern...Ginger root in its cold-pressed form appears somewhat solid and white and it usually settles at the bottom of the bottle. Just shake!


How do I order a delivery through Press Brothers directly?

Setting a juice delivery or pickup directly through us is easily done online through this site. Please place your order 24 hours prior to when you would like your juice delivered and we will bring it to your home or place of business. Juice must be refrigerated so please be present during the time of delivery. A delivery fee will be assessed to every order. You may choose to pickup from our Grand Central Market location in Downtown Los Angeles or either Tailwaggers Pet Store locations to avoid the delivery fee. Choosing your desired delivery or pickup option is done during STEP 2 of the checkout process.

PLEASE NOTE: We recently updated our delivery range to include a wider breadth of the Los Angeles area. Delivery starts at $10 within Hollywood and Downtown LA and pricing goes up from there the further out your delivery location is.  You can calculate shipping costs during checkout or by calling the Press Brothers office at (213) 389.3645. If you are not within our delivery range, we may have to cancel your order if it has already been placed or let us know and we can switch it to pick up at the location most convenient to you. If you are outside of our delivery range and looking to find our juice, please visit the 'Find Us' section to find a grocery delivery service or retailer who carries Press Brothers.  As a reminder, when placing an order online, choosing to pick it up from our Grand Central Market location or either Tailwaggers Stores are always free.

Please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to keep you healthy and informed!
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