Ordering from Press Brothers

How do I order through Press Brothers directly?

Setting a juice delivery or pickup directly through us is easily done online through this site. Please place your order 24 hours prior to when you would like your juice delivered and we will bring it to your home or place of business. Juice must be refrigerated so please be present during the time of delivery. A delivery fee will be assessed to every order. If you'd rather pick up your order, you may choose to pickup from our Grand Central Market location in Downtown Los Angeles and if you're Hollywood or West side accessible, indicate that you'd like to pick it up at our partner location, Tailwaggers Pet Supply Company in Los Feliz/Hollywood and West Hollywood. Choosing your desired delivery or pickup option is done during STEP 2 of the checkout process.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering directly from Press Brothers, we offer delivery throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Call for a price quote!  If it ends up that you are not within our delivery range, we may have to cancel your order if it has already been placed. If you are outside of our delivery range and looking to find our juice, please visit the 'Find Us' section to find a grocery delivery service or retailer who carries Press Brothers. As a reminder, when placing an order online, choosing to pick it up from our Grand Central Market, Tailwaggers Hollywood or Tailwaggers West Hollywood locations are always free.

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