5-Day Organic Cleansing Meal Plan

Stimulate your metabolism.
Boost your energy. Replenish your body.

Utilizing traditional product like organic cold-pressed juices, tonics and smoothies with the additional of nutrient-rich salads and soups provides the body with much needed energy as it gently detoxifies.

The Real. Raw. Reboot is also designed as an anti-inflammatory diet plan. Chronic inflammation can lead to food cravings, bloating and low energy.

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Preparing for the week with Whitney

Questions before you start?

What (if any) allergies or intolerances do you need to avoid while on the cleanse? (let us know so we can accommodate!)

How would you describe you current lifestyle/diet? Do you find your pantry stocked with processed or refined ingredients? Do you routinely order deliver food?

Would you characterize yourself as having caffeine habit? (this will factor into the pre-cleanse prep).

Would you say you struggle with low energy? What’s your sleep schedule like?

General concerns about this dietary shake up?

No question is a bad question!

Day 1

Break The Cycle

Gently put an end to habitual eating patterns as you flood your system with 100% raw, nutrient dense, detoxifying nourishment.

Day 2

Green Day

Employ the power of rootbased adaptogens, anti-microbial herbs, alkalized greens, and healing tonics to release unwanted sugars, candida, and intestinal toxins.

Day 3

Liquid Energy

All-day, fiber-rich liquid meals designed to free your digestive tract from solid foods so it can get to work repairing damaged cells and expelling old fat cells.

Day 4


Gently reintroduce highly digestible combinations of lowsugar fruits, vibrant vegetables, and natural probiotics to assist in rebuilding healthy gut flora and a revitalized immune system.

Day 5

Clean Slate

Fuel your body with hearty sprouted raw proteins, glutenfree grains, vitamin-rich green juices, and healing tonics, completing the nutritional foundation you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Overall Benefits

Mental Clarity

Weight Loss

Inflammation Reduction

Increased Energy

Better Sleep

You deserve it!

Get your mind + Body Right

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Your 1-Day Cleanse Includes: