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The 5 Day REVITALIZE starts your day off with a 4.9 ounce shot of RESCUE which encourages your body to overhaul itself from the inside out; alkalyzing, detoxifying and nutrifying throughout the course of each day. The remaining 6 juices are optimized to support you on your path to good health. RESTORE is a great choice if you cleanse regularly and are familiar with the effects and benefits juicing does to your body. If you find yourself thinking that 3 days is not enough, then REVITALIZE is the perfect choice for you! Please visit the "what's in it?" tab to learn what this package comes with. 

what's in it?

RESTORE | $275 ($58 a day/$15 OFF total price of the cleanse!) | Includes the following:

Number between the parenthesis designates the recommended drink order.

(DRINK ANYTIME) RESCUE (4.9oz shot): yam, celery, lemon, ginger root, turmeric, garlic

(1) KICKSTART (16oz) : reverse osmosis filtered water, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, chia seeds

(2) LONGEVITY (16oz) : carrot, pear, beet, lemon, beet greens, ginger

(3) LIQUID GOLD (16oz) : apple, lemon, mint, pineapple

(4) BALANCE(16oz) : apple celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley

(5) PURITY (16oz) : carrot, cucumber, celery, spinach, bell pepper, lemon, parsley

(6) DR. GREEN (16oz) : cucumber, apple, celery, kale, lemon, parsley, ginger

available Add-On(s)

SOS-T (4.9 oz) | (+$9.00) : grapefruit, apple, lemon, garlic, ginger, flax seed oil, cayenne, 6-strain probiotics, milk thistle oil

We recommend you drink SOS-T during midday, when your body tells you it is ready.  

If you would like to extend the 5 Day REVITALIZE , we suggest purchasing another full cleanse (That'll give you 10 days of juice!) or formulate your own custom package through the "Order Direct" tab by placing juices one-by-one in your cart. This would give you more control of how many additional days you are shooting for and what the cleanse will consist of.  You are also more than welcome to add on lesser cleanse packages for variation.  For example, it might be interesting to pair a 1 Day RESET with the REVITALIZE.  The choice is up to you!

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